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Saint Stanislaus Cemetery Burials & Gravestones

Hello & Welcome, I am Barbara Noreck Ruppert, I’ve compiled this collection of images & maps of the Saint Stanislaus Cemetery located just outside of Buffalo New York to help you to reconnect with lost loved ones. Over the past few years I have photographed, mapped, the headstones as well as indexed 75,500 burials so far. This is only meant as a guide. I don’t have access to St. Stanislaus 3×5 cards that may contain additional information and I do NOT update burials per section once I have finished the area. Death certificates tell you exactly which cemetery your ancestors are buried at and is the best reference. I began my fascinating journey working on my own family’s genealogy. Genealogists always end up looking for gravestones in order to find every tidbit of information on past family members. I put a request on “Find A Grave” for a photograph of a gravestone for my 2x great grand Uncle Alexander Belford. He was born in co. Kerry, Ireland, immigrated to Canada, and died in California. My 2x great grandfather William had one son but died young at 28 from T.B. William’s 3 brothers established the “Belford Publishing co.” In 1883 their Chicago office burned to the ground and this tragedy was listed in newspapers from Toronto to Buffalo and Illinois. The Belford siblings went from their parents dying young of TB to very successful, and wealthy immigrants to dying as paupers. Today they are still known as the Belford Brothers of Toronto. One of the ideas they had was to reprint expensive encyclopedias and famous written works and to sell the books cheaply for common people. This led to Mark Twain taking my family to court and loosing but this court case began the fight for laws to prevent plagiarism. I thought since I was asking someone on “Find A Grave” to find and post a photograph of my ancestor I should do the same for others. I began to answer requests and then everything changed. This small idea in 2007 started by taking pictures line by line and began to grow in size, and meaning, as time went on. The most motivating factor in creating this project was how blessed I felt to have been given a second chance at life, and now I could help others. Joe Stypa a P.T. who treated my injuries first and next and Dr. Castiglia, a neurosurgeon who addressed my all of my back injuries. I am grateful everyday now that my ability to function and walk normally and has been restored and I am paying forward. I chose St. Stanislaus Cemetery for my project because 5 generations of my Polish/German ancestors are buried there. The couple who began it all, Franciszek Nurek, Nórek was born in Pogutkin Germany (now Pogótki Poland) immigrated to Vevango, Pa and then onto Buffalo, NY. with his younger children. Frank’s oldest son John, my great-grandfather, born in Pinschin Germany (now Pinczyn Poland), immigrated with his wife to live in Buffalo, and this is how my story began. I hope everyone enjoys my project! Disclaimer: My index is a resource for those looking for more information on those buried at Saint Stanislaus Cemetery. Saint Stanislaus Cemetery is not responsible for any errors in transcriptions. Please use the contact us page to let us know if there are any corrections that may need updating. Only transcription mistakes will be changed. All given and surname spellings as well as dates found in the ledger will remain the same as listed in St Stanislaus ledgers. Death certificates all include the name of the cemetery a person is buried in. If you have a death certificate listing St Stanislaus on Pine Ridge Rd Cheektowaga as the place of burial and you do not find their name in this index then it could be one of two things….they may be buried in a section that I have not completed or they could be listed on 3×5 cards in the office and not been entered into a ledger. I have not gone through the 3×5 cards myself but when searching names on stones I did find names on these cards that had not been entered into a ledger.