Greetings! My name is Barbara Noreck Ruppert.  Over the years, I've meticulously indexed 93,000 burials and curated a collection of images and maps related to St. Stanislaus R.C. Cemetery, situated on Pine Ridge Heritage Blvd., just outside Buffalo, New York.  This project was born out of my passion to assist individuals in tracing their family roots and ancestors.  Throughout this journey, I've captured photographs, pinpointed gravestone locations, and continually updated my burial index. My website serves as a compass to guide you through this historical voyage.

I'd like to dedicate 16 years of tireless effort behind this project to Dr. Gregory Castiglia, an exemplary Neurosurgeon, and an individual of remarkable character.  For nearly 18 years, he has been my beacon of hope amidst countless doctors' visits, ER trips, and agonizing pain.  After many encounters with physicians who dismissed my symptoms, it was Dr. Castiglia, in 2005, who transformed my life. I hobbled into his office, a shadow of my former self, broken and in despair. Through his skill, I was reintegrated, undergoing five surgeries involving titanium cages and intricate procedures on my spine.

My journey's backdrop is set in 1999 when alarming symptoms first manifested - extreme fatigue and acute chest pain.  My plight was intensified by dismissive doctors, culminating in a prognosis of a mere three years to live due to a supposed lung disease.  Subsequent events, including a misdiagnosis, a fall in 2000, and a vehicular accident in 2004, only compounded my struggles. Amidst this turmoil, I found solace in aiding others on "Find a Grave", especially recognizing the challenges of navigating cemeteries with physical constraints.  My connection with St. Stan's, where five generations of my family rest, motivated me further.  This project began as a home-based endeavor during my recovery, and I'm eternally grateful to Dr. Castiglia. As a tribute to him, I persevere with this work.  I invite you to explore and appreciate my labor of love.

Disclaimer: Please note that any transcription inaccuracies are not the responsibility of Saint Stanislaus Cemetery.