By using this website, you can access photos and details about your ancestors and their burial sites.  You can search by last name or year of death, and I present all the data I've gathered, including multiple gravestone photos, location details, date of passing, any military affiliations, and potential alternative or anglicized name spellings.

Please note, the details in my index do not align with the official St. Stanislaus maps.  I've developed my own mapping system to coincide with my index.  In some cases, I've reordered specific rows to simplify the grave-finding process.  My aim is to make locating a grave as straightforward as possible.  I've meticulously recorded where each gravestone stands. Occasionally, the current position of a gravestone may not align with its original placement.  For areas where locating a gravestone might be challenging, I've added pacing indications, particularly in older cemetery sections where stones are sparse.  If a burial site is unlocatable due to a missing stone, I refrain from listing a line number.  However, I always list the first discernible surname on each row with a corresponding line number.

Keep in mind that my line numbers correspond with MY maps, not the official St. Stanislaus ones.  The office staff won't be familiar with my index, but they can assist you with their own records.  I hope you find this resource valuable and encourage you to share it.

I'd like to extend my heartfelt gratitude to everyone who supported this endeavor.  Special thanks to Edward Kornowski, a member of PGSNYS, and David Szyjka, the Director of St. Stanislaus Cemetery.  I'm also grateful to David's assistants, Julie and Joanne, as well as Doug Nichy, my invaluable IT support.  Lillia Biszko Leszczynski aided in translating Cyrillic inscriptions, while Dolores Ferguson and Maureen Gleason of PGSNYS assisted with Polish translations and provided invaluable insights.  I'm appreciative of the Family Research Center in Williamsville for their encouragement.  My deepest gratitude goes to my family, Zachary Ruppert and Jaxon Conlon, and my neighbor Ethan Nichy.  Finally, a huge shoutout to Rick Dombkiewicz for turning my vision into a fully functional, searchable website.  Heartfelt thanks to everyone involved!